Magasiner Alta Rosa Florence

ALTA ROSA is a luxury, a luxury in treating yourself well. A luxury in choosing natural fabrics that caress your skin and wrap you in nature’s perfume. ALTA ROSA is produced in the Tuscany countryside , in the vineyards of Chianti and the earth of it’s hillsides. The earth and water inspire our collections, our clothes perfume of Tuscany and the sea. The ALTA ROSA woman is a refined, elegant and demanding woman concerned with her own wellbeing, free to choose the best for herself with no hurry. Respecting her self and therefore respecting those around her and her environment. She is confident, nor is she fooled by appearances, wanting to know what is behind that which she wears. Unlike the masses, with a knowledge of her own beauty and essence, she prefers quality. ALTA ROSA respects nature and the environment starting from the use of it’s textiles to the cultivation of the plants and its harvest, to the packaging and dyes. The production is exclusively local and hand made. Tuscany has been a region of the arts for centuries and ALTA ROSA respects and mirrors that tradition. Our clothes are soft and hypoallergenic, but at the same time feminine and seductive.

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