ecoles de dance


Strongly of a experience of 30 years of didactic and formative activities to Florence, the School of the Ballet of Tuscany, founded and directed from Cristina Bozzolini, today managed from the new [...]

Centro Storico

The Dance Center Studies has been founded and created 30 years ago, by the encounter of characterized fiorentini dancers for initiative of professionals of the Communal Theatre of Florence, between [...]

Firenze Sud

Alambrado is a Cultural Association that proposes itself to disclose danced it and the contemporary theatre in all its shapes through: cultural seminaries, stages, course, shows, reviews, encounter [...]

Centro Storico

L'art traditionnel de Pestelli, maintenant cent ans de , et forme de restauration les bases de la société. Tommaso Pestelli crée les objets faits main et les bijoux dans le modèle de la début du [...]


The instruction of the dance to the inside of the Demidoff school is conceived like an opportunity turned to all those who has desire to practice this discipline, is like simple activity for just the [...]


A partire dal 4 settembre 2004 il Centro Internazionale Danza e Spettacolo Opus Ballet si è trasferito in via Ugo Foscolo, 6 (zona porta romana)grazie all'impegno tenace dei due direttori [...]

Centro Storico

Marco et Gianluca ont mis en pratique le métier de l'orfèvre antique qui s'est développé par les siècles au coeur de Florence. Après une période de la formation de presque trente ans ils [...]


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